Tuesday, August 9, 2016

0.6.5 Release (grab for images first)

You should use this version with save to string function if you are planning to keep your saves, after loading it from inbuilt function, as it will transfer your spells correctly.
  • Added option to buy food in bulks and raised its price
  • Added numbers on the training list
  • Fixed bunch of typos and misspells
  • Repeatable quest reward buffed
  • Chef will purchase food for mansion during work day if it gets bellow 200
  • Fixed children getting no body shape and some other pregnancy related bugs
  • Fixed save to string not saving known spells
  • Added option to select prisoners for laboratory modification
  • Fixed undercity progression
  • Fixed slavers encounter
  • Fixed afterfight rape (this time for sure)
  • Fixed laboratory confinements affecting other residents and progressing in various deeds
  • Fixed slaver guild giving bugged quests and added few more races which they can ask for
  • Fixed Dolin's quest alchemy part

  • Fixed afterfight escapes 
  • Fixed afterfight rapes
  • Fixed bug where you'd get stuck on screen after losing energy


  • Added new races, body shapes and features
  • Dolin's quest line expanded.
  • Changed many old race traits
  • Using portal costs energy. Advancing through zones will take energy once for numerous encounters.
  • Encounters work differently, added couple new areas
  • Laboratory subjects can be selected now
  • Removed hunting bows from the game
  • Capturing prisoners now is a chance and based on your companion's body control and willpower of capturee
  • Lab assistant will receive exp from residents stationed there
  • Added 3 new spells and buffed some of the others
  • Nerfed fucktoy job income
  • Fixed couple of threesome pregnancy bugs


  1. Question: Is there a way to increase a character's stats, not just willpower, but the courage, wit, confidence, and charm? (And what the heck does maintaining your library actually do?)

    1. Nothing really solid in current version.
      It gives exp.

  2. The only way I found is through random events/racial traits that allow increases working certain jobs, though there may be other possibilities. Also maintaining the library significantly increases xp gains vs any other assignment, so for the most part it's for power leveling.

  3. Was doing the Tickle punishment and found a sentence that needs spelling work.
    "Her overstimulated feet, armpits and genetals aching she nearly loses conherence."


  4. 1st Fight - Drow Girl, the message after combat was "The Commoner girl barely escapes after combat" Yet she was there to be sent to Jail.

    2nd Fight - Human Bandit, Chose the 'Rape' option got a screen with partial text, couldn't backup or progress passed the screen. Message - "You pull off the 0 girl’s clothing, stroking her nipples thoughtfully,You tie your victim’s wrists behind her back with some rope, stroking her inner thighs with your hands, then trail your fingers up along her pussy."

    1. I've been getting that 2nd bug randomly on every kind of girl I try to rape in the wild. Sometimes the whole event goes through but sometimes it cuts off in the middle of the text and there is no way to proceed.

  5. I've found another bug where I can't proceed after going to an area where my companion is too scared to go.

    There have been so many no-proceed bugs, I suggest adding an option to the right-click menu to return to the mansion so these bugs won't be as painful.

    1. Can't you use menu on the right side to return to mansion though?

    2. That one is empty when these bugs occur, at least for me.

  6. When my household is full, but not my jail, I still can't purchase captured girls from slavers, or fight the slavers and take the girl as spoils if I win. I'm told my jail is full, although it's not.

    Also, it'd be nice if I could perform laboratory changes on girls in the jail, and not just girls in the household.

    1. Pretty weird on the jail. You sure there's no girls in prison whatsoever?

    2. I've had the same bug. In that case I had one space open in my mansion and my jail was completely empty

  7. found a bug; cant go past the halfway point in the undercity. no return options either.

  8. There's been some bugs ever since the earliest versions where if you have pregnant servants and pregnant prisoners at the same time, the game gets confused about which baby belongs to which servant. I've also had this happen without having prisoners but that's very rare. It's easier to notice when you have girls of different races and the babies end up coming out the wrong race.

  9. Possible bug: I'm on the second part of Dolin's quest and the recipe for the antidote does not appear in my alchemy lab. Leading me unable to brew it up.

  10. Nice update. New racial types appear to be bunny (no stress from sex jobs), tanuki (increased revenue from store job), goblin (faster pregnancy), centaur (no energy cost for movement), harpy (increased egg production in farm), nereid (increased revenue from entertainer job), and scylla (no mutations from toxicity).

    Of course there are bugs as well.

    1) When you encounter bandits or slaves with a captured girl you can never buy them as you get the message 'jail is full'. Incidentally if you attack and defeat the slaves/bandits without greeting them the girl gets left behind tied up and you can't do anything with her as the only option you have is to leave or head home.
    2) Victory 'rape' option goes to blank page.
    3) Undercity encounter breaks if you run into the cultist twice. Regardless if you fight the cultist or walk past, the next area goes nowhere and appears to be unfinished.
    4) If using intimacy and triggering pregnancy it is possible to trigger pregnancy twice visually. Typically first line is a blank "> " with the pregnancy on the next line, but rarely pregnancy can mentioned on both lines instead.
    5) Slaves undergoing lab treatment can trigger low obedience/loyalty events such as incite other slaves and steal food or gold. As lab locks them in place for 5 days this can be very costly.
    6) Advanced lab options, sexual and utility enhancements, have non-functioning return buttons. Other lab treatments return you to the main treatment menu on cancel. Adv labs have a return button instead of cancel and instead takes you back all the way to the lab screen and deselects the slave you were working on.
    6) Slaver mission can sometimes generate an impossible mission with no racial requirement. In my case it stated any virgin teen with some survival experience and would not except any virgin teen with any survival experience up to journeyman.
    7) Lone bandit attack encounters do not give the option to avoid or use guidance like other encounters.
    8) No option to use Guidance in undercity, but this is probably by design.

    1. Pretty sweet feedback.
      4. Not sure how is this possible, but maybe it'll fix itself in next version.
      7. If it's a triggered ambush, you can't escape from a fight.

      The rest is fixed. I'll make a new version in a bit.

  11. Stupid double posting for some reason. Grrr...

    Just nitpicking but...
    9) Take by Force is somewhat silly with centaurs as they are currently the pilot non-bipedal race. The fact that you can potentially throw what amounts to a small horse down and pin it is hilarious.

  12. There's still a bug with raping girls in the wild which stops the whole event.

    So this time I decided to look at the console in the browser and as expected there is a javascript bug which is stopping execution.

    strive0.6.5.html:1 Uncaught TypeError: asm_var32.toString.charAt is not a function

    it should be toString().charAt(0)

    There are two instances of that syntax error in the code that I can find by searching the entire document.

    1. btw (same person) I'm curious, does the tool you use allow you to write your own javascript or is it generating this code for you?

    2. No, it generates code for me.

    3. You may want to report javascript errors to the author of the tool then. It was a very simple thing I was able to fix in notepad despite the code being minified/obfuscated.

    4. Nah, it was actually my fault. I write basically in dumbed down javascript, then tool compiles it. Should be fixed in next version.

  13. Minor Bug: Follower changed. When I went out to submit a slave for sidequest in slave market, the follower changed to the first prisoner I had. Nothing game breaking. I had 7/6 slaves (extra because of Cali) before submitting.

    1. followup: Basically, the displayed named was different on the home screen. Then, I click Assign (in home screen), and set it to nobody.
      Then I went to Residents, and saw that the previous slave i set as follower, still has "Companion" as assignment.