Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So far "variables into character description" is somewhat complete, I've been working on some core gui and game start. Yeah, basically you can spot some new minor variables which will be part of the description (like height) and perhaps have more influence on gameplay. Speaking of which, player character will have same pattern as other characters so in case of anything it would be easy to affect them as well (or even maybe some new events like changing main player character into one of the slaves?)
As a small point, 'random' gender from previous gif is not just for show (or purely random), game will pick gender when its not specified depending on settings for 'randomness', which you can observe in option menu.

Next on the list is the mansion gui, which I want to make considerably more userfriendly and easily accessible and I already have some drafts (although gotta finish starting girl generation too, since it will have some changes).


  1. Looking great so far, keep up the good work! :)

  2. This just keeps looking better and better. Unfortunately, even with the engine, it appears my limited coding skills are not up to the task. I just have too much trouble with conceptualization. It's the same issue I've always had with art as well. If I can help in other ways I would be glad too, but I'm afraid I'm rather useless in the main skills you need.

    1. Yeah, its quite a chore if you have no actual programming skills to start on getting them and remembering all the stuff so you basically would want to spend tons of time on understanding how things are done... and I still have my fair share of incompetence. I may need some testers/proofreaders in future when game will be at least partly complete, for now just take it easy.