Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wiki and some more info

Wiki is up (for some time). I'll try to fill it up when I get the time, but otherwise anyone can edit it, so if you want to share your knowledge, please do.

Another thing I wanna mention, I wanna change how public releases will be made. Previously, public release was made every time new patreon version was released. This, however, is somewhat awkward given how patreon versions are not very regular. Now I'll be trying new approach: timed delay on public releases. It will probably be one or two weeks of delay, depending on how many versions will be released in that time. I don't quite wanna make it multigrade release dates for patrons like some creators do, but I would lie, if I say that our needs are currently completely satisfied, but more on that some other time. 

Starting next week I'll be going over those things I previously mentioned (customized start, tutorial, balancing) and you'll probably hear next approximate release date by the middle of it. 


  1. I seem to have found a strange error, as I downloaded the last 3 public versions and after unpacking again and again I seem to always open the 3.3 version, even after deleting everything and downloading again. Do you know a possible solution?

    1. Sorry, finally got it working, but still didn't know how or why.

  2. the wiki does not appear to have a special ability for Slime Slaves. perhaps they are better at cleaning since they can be the mop and the bucket inside themself