Saturday, May 27, 2017

Firstly, we've reached our next goal until month has ended! This is great and I want to thank everyone for keeping supporting us despite all the hardships, this is really important to us.
In last month there's been lots of major changes, including jobs, grades and now gear. New gear system actually took lot of effort from me to make it work almost flawlessly, but what's new in it, is that unlike potions and ingredients, all gear is completely separate items. They have raw base which they use for creation, but after that two swords will be two completely separate swords.

I'm bringing this up, because this will give me much more future flexibility with the gear: namely, potential to make enchantments or custom names and descriptions! I would lie if say, that I already have such things in plans, but I always like future opportunities.

Now, as you might have noticed, there's some UI parts have been changed and improved (shops, gear, main menu). This is only a start, as I have future plans to revamp whole starting sequence. Basically, starting menu is outdated as hell, partly bugged, partly inconvenient. I will be remaking it and giving more options to choose from for the sake of flavor and gameplay. You could expect setting a starting gold for sandbox mode and perhaps, starting items and even maybe option to choose starting town.

There's some plans to make main mansion screen more manageable, as there's a lot to be deserved, but that is the part I'll be working on with the artist. I'll also try to fix tutorial which I partly ignored after adding screen stretching for some reasons, but we also probably be putting more flavor into it. Lastly, you can expect many balance changes, new jobs, items, maybe spells next month.

Thank you for your attention, support and see you next month!

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