Friday, May 19, 2017

Answering questions

So I'll be answering some of the questions I got from you for last week. Thanks for everyone who sent anything, I'll try to mention most of small ones in the end of the post.

Q. Is godot engine hard or easy to learn in your opinion in the terms of time,bugfixes, creating new content and develop your ideas inside the engine 
A. In my opinion, godot is fairly easy to learn if you have no programmer knowledge (hence why I picked it in first place). It uses python syntax which is very straightforward and makes lots of things simpler. I wouldn't advice it for 3d until it unless gets to the 3.0 version, but otherwise it's solid. Bugfixes are pretty easy and quick, as long as they are not a part of engine itself, and adding new content/mechanics is generally easy to do.
Q.  Hi! Two related questions: Do you plan in future, when things settle down a little bit (right now it seems you are changing a lot of underlying mechanics anyway), add support for custom modding or open up the game for submitting own minimods/changes? Are you interested in community-based submissions to your game or do you prefer centralised approach to developement? 
A. So, lets talk about modding for a bit. I don't really have time, plans and knowledge to develop custom api for modders, so unless some would do it for me, you will have to work with raw scripts.
In my defence, though, I already distribute nearly open source code so anyone can do anything they like with it. You would probably have to accustom your mods every time new version comes out, but that shouldn't be too hard. There's also some old and bad sections (slave generation could use lots of cleaning honestly), but I often try to redo those.
In my opinion best model would be: the main strive, lead by me, will have centralized, general lorefriendly features with my main preferences on top of it. Then the modders can go wild with anything they like and might even suggest something for the main game, which I consider accepting or reintroducing in some way, if it fits the main theme. All in all I endorse user made content of any sorts and hopefully soon there will be some sort of centralized place with wiki and stuff, so community can grow outside of here.
Q. Whats the difference you aim for your game compared to other similiar types of games; slavemaker3 ;jack of ninetails; henthighschool HHS+ and Ashford Academy and some popular oldschool japanese game called Princess Maker of which alot of games got their inspiration ?  
A. Basically, I like freedom. I often mention JoNT because to me it felt like I had plenty of freedom there. I like an option to go either way, do quests or not, put myself on timers or not, give away slaves or not. I also not really like when some arbitrary objectives put over me I have to complete. Actually, Strive is a bit problematic, because I chosen to approach it in sandbox way so potentials to expand are nearly limitless.
If anything, game goes more in the direction of CoC or tainted space, as it can be expanded to infinity content wise, but also takes some of moments from free cities, even though I prefer to avoid lots of terrible nitpicking like areola size and accents, there's still considerable amount of content I plan to add and refine on management side.
Q. Main character backstory. Maybe bring in the main characters parents. 
Bit of counterintuitive question, since main character is customizable, but for those, who want more flavor, I'm glad to announce, that starting sequence will be changed (it is also one of the old relics requiring considerable upgrade). There will probably be more options regarding your personal backstory, and with recent job rework I considering adding choice for starting location (so you would be able to start in Frostford or Gorn if you wish to do so, at least for sandbox mode).
For parents, I'd probably need more input. It's a no-brainer to add generic characters loosely resembling you, but if people want more sidequest kind of stuff, that might be way harder to do, because... well, you can choose your race and looks, so it would be hard to fit just about anything into your potential parent.
Now, Here's some questions which I can answer in short manner.
Q. Youth potion no longer effects the slaver 
A. I believe there has been no changes on that and it still works for me.
Q.  How do you primarily find out about bugs, glitches, errors or that sort of thing? Is it mostly what people report to you, do you playtest yourself, is there some system that find them or some combination therein? 
A. I try to playtest at least those parts I directly changed before making a release, but 90% of the bugs are generally discovered by community.
Q. Why dont you give away the part of storytelling to another person, you would safe time by just telling the directions it should head to and if it doesnt suit your taste u can tell him to rewrite it. 
A. Main reason: nobody wants to take writing reliably for free and I'm not ready to hire more people for that. Secondary reason: writing is heavily tied with gameplay mechanics. I often have to keep in mind what is an interesting sequence and what is even possible (or rather what can I write out of these actions we can do).
Q. Do you have plans to add a system for selling items? I for one would love to sell the extra 50 Tainted Essences I have so I could afford other components I need.  
A. You could do that already, but with the rework it should be more obvious.
Q. Are your going to update the UI 
A. Yes, it's planned to be done in next updates as well.
Q. Will be there possibility to change race and gender of slaves? 
A. Likely, but I can't say how I want to add it into the game yet.
That's about it for today, thank you for staying with me.


  1. So, now that the download button goes to the page, is there any place for non-patreons to see the full changelog?

    1. You can generally see the changelog in the game by clicking the button with version on it.

  2. You keep bringing up writing almost always and to be fair it's starting to get kind of hypocritical. The first time I asked you if you required assistance with writing the answer that I've received was no. So unless you are looking for someone or something very specific -in which case you should make sure to mention-, I'm thinking you're just turning down people that you don't really feel like working with.

    1. Truth be told, I'm specifically not looking for writing for the most of it for those exact reasons I mentioned here and on writing help faq. I can't be sure who you were and what direction dialogue went, but for rare instances I was proposed with some obscure help, I either was too busy, or it went nowhere. I also had pretty unpleasant experience when I had to be heavily in control on what was written which made me feel like it's nearly same to try write on your own and have that proofread and have someone write something for you so you would have to go through what was done multiple times until it actually gets on the level you want it.
      In any case, defining 'assistance' would help a lot. If you want specifically write quests or scenes you know what to do (but I don't think I got any stuff in last maybe three months on that), if you want to proofread, there's not much to proofread and that is usually sorted by couple of people I keep in touch with. If there's something else you want to propose, just go ahead and explain it with details.

    2. (Same OP as above).

      Since you want to be heavily in control of what you want or don't want to appear in game you could delegate writing work to people that offer you help with writing. It could be fairly easy to do that. Just offer a couple of guidelines and a hook idea of what exactly you want to implement in your game and let them write it down. At the end of the day, if you don't like the result, just don't add it. Simple as that. It's free work anyways.

  3. I don't know where I should be reporting this, but in battle if there are many people escaping in the same turn and you try to capture all of them it only says that you captured one or them (or that only escaped one of them). The others aren't reported as neither captured or escaped and they don't appear in the list of the captured people to choose their fates.

  4. Fun game. Minor peeves though
    1: can we get back permadeath as a option to toggle on/off. It didn't do too much overall difference but I enjoyed having a hard consequence for when I wasn't paying attention

    2: Could we show timestamp for saves? I just use 2 generic saves "save1, save2" and it's a slight bother to load them to verify which I played last on. Would also help check if autosave is more recent than last manual save.

    3: I always felt it odd that you can't see anything appearance wise on your enemies. Is everyone walking around in fullbody armor? Even random travelers.

    But im having a good time. A nice combination of

    1. 1. I will likely add that one back eventually in some form.
      2. I've been having some ideas on how I could make saves be more informative. Autosave is always your latest end day though.
      3. Once we get paperdoll rolling, you will probably be able to.

  5. I've been dealing with a really, really odd bug: When loading a save, I inevitably find a slave (my starter) lactating, pregnant and about to give birth. This is true even if she's been on contraceptives since Day One, and can get really annoying really fast.

    1. Contraceptives do not prevent pregnancy entirely, especially if you spam sex regularly, it just lowers the chance to make brothel-related jobs less penalizing.

    2. You're not quite getting the point -- this is happening despite her not being pregnant when I made the save; then she gives birth the turn after I load. Last version, it was *every* slave, regardless of whether it made sense or not.

    3. Can you replicate it on day1-2 and pass me the save?