Sunday, June 4, 2017

Next public release and some thoughts.

Next public release: 12.06.2017. Now, lets talk a bit about brought changes and some implications. Firstly, I'm planning resurrect the tutorial and make it slightly more interactive perhaps (can't say much, but old tutorial needs to be fixed anyway). Regarding art, next month we will be working on getting new characters looks plus filling up missing items (which might come with larger icon and fairly different from what we have now though). In terms of gameplay, I plan to put more work into jobs. Besides adding jobs to other towns, (not sure how all that will differ depending on starting location, but probably reputation will play a role) I wanna work on the specializations. Basically specializations should fill the role I initially planned for skills: to make characters... specialized. You will be able to pick one (or maybe few) specs for your slave, which will provide some sort of benefit to certain actions or tasks. Stuff like 'bodyguard gets + health and armor', 'survivalist receive hunting and foraging bonus'. I believe this should add quite bit of flavor, maybe tie specs to race, stats and lock behind some quests. I might make another post when I will go over it and make any decisive plans. For now, that's about it. Thank you for the attention.


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  2. How about adding new jobs? I think its kinda few on this side.
    We could add special job for each location.
    Wimborn already have mage order, I think Gorn need more Strength based job like blacksmith or guard. Frostford need agility based job like trading or scout.
    Something like that.

    1. More jobs will be introduced in 0.4.5

  3. the current pub build has a bug where during the Cali quest no buttons will appear when you return the girl to Shaliq.