Monday, June 12, 2017

0.4.4 Public release

You can grab it at 
New stuff: redone starting sequence, new GUI and lots of fixes.


  1. Hey, two small but annoying glitches in the latest public version release, both related to the new 'choose your starting town feature'.

    1. When you are starting in a place other than Wimborn, clicking 'Leave to town' changes the background art to the right location, but nothing else changes, leaving you still in whatever screen you were in last.

    2. When Wimborn is the starting location, the portal option shows Frostford twice, rather than having Wimborn as an option.

    Also, is the new lack of ability to set default hairstyle and nickname in Character Creation for yourself and your first slave intentional? Not a big deal for the slave, but I did like the option to give myself a nickname and different hairstyle besides the default, and currently there is no way in-game to change either for yourself.

    I am loving the progress this game has made since I first started playing in 3.1. Keep up the good work!

  2. Public version, Cali's quest. When visiting the slavers' camp, Cali gives the player "a look of admiration for your artful deception", and then calls him [Player Name] instead of by name.

  3. I have suggestion to you - add code support for unique sex scenes (that will override current generic).

    I have this algorithm is mind :

    1) Special array for unique scenes. Every scene have own description, codename of sex event that will be overridden, probability to run that scene, conditions for participants (slaves : gender, age, race, traits, relationships between participants and so on) and finally - text.

    2) Then before using generic text, you should run that array and create temporary array with acceptable scenes (that bypass conditions).

    3) If that array not empty - place pointer at random place in array and move through it, playing each time unique scene trigger chance.

    4) If unique scene not triggered at the end - return NULL and use generic description.

    Pro : you (and we, users) will able to create specific well detailed scenes, like two sisters play, etc, etc in relative easy way, because currently it will require a lot of conditional check in same place and turn code very messy.

    And more diversity&fetishes&content we will have in game = better :)

    1. It's actually very easy to do and our current system is halfway there (will need to replace single checks with one eval, but that's nothing). The problem is that I don't seem to get any submissions.

    2. Well, yes your current system quite transparent, but still not very good for detailed scenes.

      For example lets write specific massage scene for fairy - with differences for age, height and class. It will require a lot of conditional checks and quite time consumption.

      What I suggest is to create something like this template for unique scenes (I don't precisely follow syntax now :) ):

      scene0010 = { events_type = {
      conditions = {
      slave.race = "fairy"
      ... etc}
      playchance = 10
      description = {
      text = "You ..."

      That will allow write scenes with minimal code or even no code and allow move them between new releases quite easily.

      Currently to mod your game sex scenes it's a bit too complex for random player, without some knowledge about coding (my own experience! :) )

      Well I can't help with popularity of your game, sorry :)

      Also more suggestions :
      1) Your slave statistic in "" compare exact sex event name to decide what statistic will be increased.

      Change it to use tags. (can't give precise line because I'm modded file already)

      2) Add ability to replenish slave & player energy (at least player!) by mana or spell that set next single action energy cost to 0.

      Cmooon! We have access to magic and limited to 3-4 sex encounters per day?

      Ridiculous. (and I'm tired reducing ten times energy costs each your release too :P)

      3) Bring back character classes! Introducing of slave lifestyle is cool feature and I like it, but by removing classes you lose too much content for me. It's fantasy game - we should have princesses, swordmaidens, witches and wizards, beggars, etc, etc in our harem.

      Again it will quite easy to do (main problem is to found place for it in UI) and initially you could use simple temporary classed combined with random slave lifestyle, like :
      slave - slave class
      commoner - commoner class, etc.

      By keeping class names & description in separate file you will allow easily mod it.

      But I will also suggest you to add meta-classes like :
      commoner - militia class - fighter metaclass
      rich - adventuress class - fighter metaclass

      4) Bonus points if you will keep in memory initial lifestyle of servant. Well, someone may like idea to turn noblelady into slave or threat poor beggar like Emily as a princess.

      More details - better.

      P.S. it's really good that you're throw away poor TWINE, it's so refreshing after FC.

    3. The problem with sex scenes, is that they have to either be oddly specific, or you will have to take into account any possible changes in appearance (body sizes, alterations, limbs and so on). I will probably just put evaluate on the sex scene so scene requirements could be input manually without any specific system, but it's still on the writer's side to take into account all possible details.

      2. I had some ideas on that in mind, probably will do something about it.

      3. That's somewhat difficult topic. Currently we have Grades and Specializations, I don't think adding whole class system is a good idea at the very least because of how much stuff will need to be designed and balanced for very little benefit. As I said, we have grades for slave's self-esteem and specializations for extra flavor and minmaxing. The rest of the balance can be finetuned by stats and traits, so the only good thing from classes we are currently lacking, is a flavor. This can be done separately as in background which were used in strive 1 which was only mentioned when you talked to them. It's not too hard to assemble couple of backgrounds and assign them on slave generation and make them remember it, but since it's 100% flavor and writing thing I'm not very enthusiastic about it, but you do have a point.

  4. Specializations are nice, and can work as "classes" well enough. However, looking at the currently implemented ones, they are lacking something parallel to "Wizard" or "Cleric". The only "class" that has something to do with magic is the Nympho, and it only adds +2 Mana to each interaction.

    What about a Specialization that gives bonuses to Laboratory work? Or a chance to get +1 potion while working on Alchemy? Or additional income/reputaion while working in the Guild?

    1. ... I might have pressed the wrong "reply" button when writing this post.

    2. That's an interesting ideas. First bunch of specializations was mostly job and combat enhancement stuff. Seriously speaking, we gonna need more combat oriented spells for stuff like 'wizard' or 'cleric', but it might be pretty interesting to do them somewhat later (unlock stronger specializations by progressing the story and finding new technologies etc).

    3. In that case, how about some more ideas?

      a) Can use Heal and/or Barrier spells (once per battle) without spending the player's mana.
      b) When working as a Nurse, magic affinity counts double.
      c) When working as Lab Assistant (or Nurse?), recovery times are decreased.

      a) Can use Drain Life once per battle without spending the player's mana
      --a.1) or has some other attack that ignores defence.
      b) When participating in an orgy, everybody spends more energy, but generates additional mana (+2 per participant?).

      Any magic "class":
      a) When casting the same spell as the player, on the same turn, it affects the whole side (i.e. Heal restores the whole party, etc).

      I might come up with more if/when I play more.

  5. Hi !
    Thank you again for the new version.
    I have 0.4.41 in the moment.
    I had to get used to the new look, but now I like it. I only miss the smiley the shows the stress because I do not see the colors of the actual icons very good. And the smily was easy to see.
    But it's ok, no need to change back :)
    I found 2 Bugs to report:
    1) Is a bug that was in previos versions too: I had Emily in the "personal room" and she left and I set another slave to live in this room. When Emily returned she lived in "personal room" again and the other slave too. Fron now on I can set every slave to live in "personal room" and I have only one of them. This is repeatable.
    2) I startet as alchimist (with the heal spell as starting spell) and I can use the heal option between fights in the exploration screen. But I can't use it in a fight, the option (ability) is not available to choose. I changed the save file to forget the spell and bought it again from the mages and then it was ok.

  6. Bandit camp from marsh, found noble captured slave and when I decide take her to jail got something like that:
    SCRIPT ERROR: enemycapture: Invalid get index 'noble' (on base: 'Dictionary').
    At: res://files/scripts/

    1. Perhaps you should change royal to noble at 947 line :)
      var dict = {'slave':0.7, 'poor':1,'commoner':1.2,"rich": 2, "royal": 4, "atypical":2}