Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Brief mention on specs and job changes

So in few days I'll finish reworking jobs and adding specs. There will be 10 unique specs of various applications. Some will require complex stats, some will be fairly primitive. I want to lock some of them out later on, but that would probably require more content to lock behind.

On the jobs: basically, I'll be making them less straightforward as they are now. Some jobs will be providing 'supplies' instead (for example, hunting, will provide both food and some supplies). Supplies could be sold for additional income, either by you manually (low profit), or by specifically assigned slave at market (big profit, but stat dependant). Supplies will also be obtained from defeated enemies partly replacing some gold, so you will have to work with them anyway. Besides that, there will be about 5 new jobs you will be able to send your slaves on.

 After I'm done with that, I'll see how tutorial rework has to be done. From my current idea, it will probably gonna be pretty heavy, so I will make a small update for new content before getting to the tutorial, likely this weekend.

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