Monday, February 27, 2017

Poll results and some dev talk

Thank you everyone for participating in last patreon poll. According to it, there's not much of a problems with difficulty, quests could use some improvement, and there's overwhelming demand for sex mechanics and scenes.

Can't say I'm exactly enthusiastic about rewriting those (friendly reminder you can participate in writing all sort of stuff for the game), but so it goes. Once I'll employ daily events system, I'll switch to sex mechanics.

Couple of words about the daily event system and what will come with it... After some draft work I sketched a dozen of potential generic events and developed the system which will decide who gets what event. Well, it's not a big question _what_ event will slave get (just check their stats/job/etc), but _who_ should get it and _when_. Idea is pretty simple: global counter will be deciding if its a time for new event to popup (about every 2-6 days in general). Then every slave will have a personal counter to see how much attention you paying to them. Currently I believe that slaves you pay less attention will have greater chance to have event related to them, so they won't feel left out of the action.

Many events will be directly influencing loyalty/obedience/stress while some will be affecting stats and few will even let you get new slaves. I did think about adding events of kind "Girl's relatives visit your mansion" but that requires me to implement whole different system I mentioned one time - relatives generation. I'm not sure if I'll be adding it this time (as it also requires additional changes to slave's class), as I'd probably try to add subtle genetics system to it (which would influence slave's appearance progression on growths).

Other than that I wanted to finally work on reputation and combat parts with couple other small encounters, but since poll went different direction that will have to wait. That's about it for now and thank you for the attention.


  1. Does writing have to be in english or could it be in french for example ?

  2. Something you may want to consider - my eyes aren't that great, so I have to play with a higher font size. Because of this, I couldn't see how to increase my slaves' confidence skill until I lowered the font size. It's not a huge issue, but something you may want to consider if you have some extra time on your hands.

  3. Not sure if this would be possible to do, but for the current game it might be a good idea to add an "event reset" series of options for various quests.

    Perhaps also a "cheat" girl and character editor.

    Now, I'm not saying that these should be in the final version, but with, in my opinion, the purpose of the releases at this point is to look for bugs and other gaps in things, those would be rather useful tools for trying out different options for the game rather than needing to create a pile of different saves whenever the game updates to attempt the different things there are and burn through a lot of time in getting to that point.

    Even if it would only be for the downloadable version as save editor thing, that would help for testing purposes.

    1. What do you mean by 'cheat' girl? I have some tools when debugging game on my own but turn it off on compilation.

    2. Essentially a way to either create or modify girls for testing purposes. Something not intended for the full release, but to test things.

      The reason I'm referring to it as a cheat thing is that it could be used by some to create odd things, but is more of a tool for testing for issues

  4. Even with the cleaning currebt system for management is lacking. I am swimming in both gold and food hour or two into the gaem, so I hope that management part will get some love in the future.

    About the events - are those going to be girl-specific only? Global events might be nice too.
    Something like double price for bying/selling slaves of particular spieces for set amount of turns. Same with food. Increased chance to meet particular enemy tipe for set amount of turns in certain places.
    Something like that.
    Also, a way to spend loads of money would be great. Maybe, some mansion-wide rules with set per-turn prices, that give constant benefits?
    Some sort of trait list in or out of the game would be nice too. Maybe with descriptions of the ways to aquire said traits.

    Sex is important too, tho.

    1. Thanks for the interesting suggestions! Events will be mostly genderless.

    2. Umm... I was talking about slaves in general, forgot about others as my game has males/futas disabled.

    3. Oh, I misread your question. Events will be partly tied to specific girls, but maybe I'll also add something global'ish (some events very loosely tied to specific slaves anyway)