Friday, February 24, 2017

New poll

Since new web version was released, I'm holding a poll about it and some other stuff (sidequets/tutorial/development) at patreon. For those who missed it, you can check out web version at newgrounds (link in the download section). I'll follow up with more info in next days.


  1. So, I'm not sure where else to say this, so I'm going to say it here. I'd like to report a bug that I found. Also, I am currently using version 0.3.1 downloaded from Mega by the link on the Patreon page.

    After I gave Melissa her Youthing Elixir I clicked on her dialog option to see what the next stage was, but the text box that came up was empty. I was unsure if anything had happened, and clicked again. This time I got a box which said I shouldn't return until I had built a Laboratory. I then checked my Quest Log, and it had updated. So while the right flags were set, the flavour text did not appear.

    I thought that this might be a once off thing, so I tried loading a previous save; returning to the mansion and progressing to a new day; and closing and reopening the game. Each time, the scenario progressed but the flavour text didn't appear.

    I don't know where else to say this, so I put it on your most recent comment. Hopefully you see this.

    1. No, sorry, I can't. Because I thought it wasn't all that important I decided to just move on and continue playing, and the copy I had was saved over. I can give you the current version if you want, but I doubt it'll help. Just let me know how you want it, as these comment don't come with an option for attachments.