Saturday, March 4, 2017

0.3.21 (UPD) Release - Backers version, Daily events.

Previously I mentioned how tutorial introduction will technically let me not call game 'alpha' anymore. Well, for this month I gonna try to finally separate public and backers version of the game and see how it works. I've wanted to try it out for some time, but for long time public access clearly gave me more benefits in terms of feedback. However I still have at least some incentive to reward people supporting me in a way and that also helps me to be less busy with all public updates on every possible site. Public updates will likely come out in about every 2 weeks - month (more likely month if this approach proves to be beneficial), and they should be considerably less buggy.

There's one other thing I want to mention: I'll be releasing zip packed source files in same patreon post. I don't think .pck is a really troublesome extension to go buy, but as I actually have little idea how is default encryption works, zip will provide easier access for people who wanna get into code and write something new or fix things. However I'm not gonna hide this behind a paywall. If you are interested in looking through the code for one reason or another, you can either find it at patreon or ask me personally by email, I'll provide you with link (assuming you are not abusing it, naturally). 


  • Added button to inspect main character relatives
  • Slaves at below 50 energy will switch to rest on end day sequence
  • Disabled 100 days message for backer version
  • Help button will stay on screens outside of mansion
  • Dialogues now recognize numerical keys shortcuts (1-8)
  • Some GUI optimizations
  • Fixed furry disable option still letting beastkin to generate
  • Fixed relatives screen not working correctly (thanks to Veniat)

  • Added random daily events
  • Rebalanced survival background preset
  • Obedience penalty from starvation increased
  • Starvation damage now should be % of max hp instead of flat number
  • Fixed Emily's return speech
  • Some corrections to population number
  • Optimized code for custom portaits search
  • Traitlist file moved into game's data
  • Fixed bug allowing you to sell more items than you had
  • Fixed female character not losing her virginity
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed some wrong quest behaviors


  1. What about:
    "When you take headgirl to battlegroup and her energy is lower than 30 her occupation change to rest. Other girl like jailer or farm manager dont change their occupation."? :)

    1. Managing jobs currently have a bit weird approach to them (causing issues like this), I'll try to figure out best way to deal with them.

  2. Just backed you to get access to this version. First time playing since the rework. Like what I'm seeing, but I'm wondering if the Uncivilized trait is permanent. Is it?

    1. Thanks for backing :)
      No, it's not. You can work on it with mental regression elixir (there's also should be enough information about it in help section).