Thursday, August 3, 2017

Q&A and progress info

Q: Is Tisha going to have a sprite?
A: Definitely. For last week our artist had minor health issues, so there were no progress to report about, but Tisha's sprite will make it to the next week. Besides that we have some plans to provide naked sprites for existing characters which you'd be able to see in their personal tab (since it should take little time with sources we have left). After that I have a bit of trouble telling what the next focus will be, since there's still plenty of potential work.

Q: What sort of modability (if any) will this have down the road?
A: I'm not sure why this question keeps coming up, but lets explain it again. Currently you have nearly full access to the scripts, so as long as you can read and write in GDScript (think of python), you should be able to implement nearly anything (excluding GUI, at least directly). There's no plans to make an actual API or IDE, as I have absolutely no experience in this field, but I might eventually find someone for this task. You shouldn't expect it to happen soon though.

Q: Any plans for unspent skillpoint after ~ lvl 20, like enabling a second profession ?
A: Yes, I want to alter leveling system for pretty long time, so if I will be able to find time for this in this month, I'll do that.

Q: In the future will it be possible to choose a slave and start a new game plus playing as them and maybe making your old character a slave ?
A: Yes, I like the idea of NewGame+, so after we will be done with mainquest, I'll certainly consider how to make it work.

Q: Will tattoo's ever actually appear? Will we get further customization for slavers (tattoo's, piercing's, etc)? Will be get an add a trait section to supporter perks? Do you plan on doing more male/futa only quests? Do you plan on doing a female/futa only quest to balance things out? Will there be bad ends (headgirl takes over, scenes for when you lose to bandits/slavers, etc)? Is public entertainer ever going to be balanced? Will the Tier 2 brand options ever do anything? Will clothing ever be integrated into the character's description? Will unusual body types ever matter for more than a few repeatable quests? Will Sebastian ever sell centaurs and harpies? Will patreons ever get the option to choose the rarer races for their slaver? Will pets ever be implemented (referring to the suit and the tier 2 brand option)? Do you plan on trying to steer the jobs back towards sex related like they were originally?
A: Yes. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Yes. Yes. Yes (it already unlocks advanced rules). Maybe. Yes. Yes. Maybe. Unlikely. I think jobs are nicely balanced right now.
Obviously, don't expect any of that to happen soon.

Now, a bit about next update. Currently I'm redoing upgrade system to make it more interesting and progressing. This should change game's balance quite a bit (there will be upgradeable cap on food and perhaps mana) and some upgrades will provide new and unique effects to existing facilities. So, thank you for your attention and it's time to get back to business.


  1. Just out of curiosity, why can Sebastian not get centaurs?

    1. Haven't gotten my hands on him yet. Give him a bit of time.

    2. No worries, you do a ton. One follow up question though. After finding them in the exploration folder, would it be ok if I just pulled the spawns and spawn rates directly from the code for the wiki? Not 100% sure what the spawn weights transfer to, but I'm assuming that's what the number next to the race or spawn type is.

    3. Sure, the game is open to view by anyone anyway.

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  3. I couldn't find gorn after scouring through the menu. Anyone had the same problem?

    1. You have to purchase teleportation stone at market now.