Thursday, August 10, 2017

Next public release: August 16th.

Now I want to share my concerns about game's development, or, more specifically, the main plot. As you know, I've spent last weeks working mainly on the gameplay and visuals, and I believe there's been some considerable improvements with lots of progress. On the other side I get more and more discouraged about plot parts for multiple reasons.

Firstly, plot has mostly been written on the go: characters were introduced to serve gameplay more than the story, and its fairly noticeable. As I really never had to write out the entire plot from start to finish, I mostly made some rough sketches on every part and only developed what was needed to be done right now. Now, as I proceed, I realize how... disconnected this all feels (kinda weird to criticize my own work, but I hope explaining what I had in mind will be beneficial to everyone). Out of all that, sidequests are probably least troubling as they hardly intertwine with each other, and somewhat entertaining on their own.

Originally, I planned to make whole plot better themed and flow more naturally, but I don't think it would be possible to achieve without some extreme rewrites. As my excuse, I can only say, that working over so many developing aspects in the same time easily distracts and drag your attention into multiple directions.

I planned to finish main story line in about one more arc, which would feature the ending, but right now I'm severely discouraged about it, as I feel like it will be mediocre at best. So I want to take some time and work over gameplay aspects and side things for now. Perhaps, after another release or two, I'll feel like I could do at least something I would not be ashamed of and then finish it right. In either way, it's a valuable experience for me and next potential projects I'll sort plans and priorities in a better way.

 So, for the next update, I want to try to fill some gaps: firstly, I wanna add the long postponed tattoo system. Maybe even make it impact gameplay. Secondly, GUI will have additional improvements (or at least I hope so). There's a lot to be desired, but I think we get somewhat better with each step. Lastly, I wanna readjust beauty mechanics a bit. Originally, I thought about having two 'beauty' stats: a permanent beauty which would only change slightly, and 'cosmetic beauty', which is temporal, but could be adjusted with make-up and hygiene. Not sure how it will be suited for the game, but this will certainly make 'beauty potions' less of nobrainer.


  1. Just give me some girls that are more than some numbers I have to crunch, you know make your game entertaining in some way
    - bland sex
    - no noticeable story or characters
    - no reward for training the girls
    (them saying your "important" to them is NOT enough)
    make me want to play your game!
    one last thing virgins don't bleed unless your rough with them that's not how the hymen works
    get your facts right

    1. For the bland sex, click unlock and you have more to choose from after you unlock them.
      No noticeable story (Check Main quests and do them) or characters (I agree, not too many characters and not enough story behind them)
      No reward for training the slaves (What do you want? A cookie?)
      Virgins don't bleed (It is a fantasy game, get over it. If virgins don't bleed then get over it or imaging them bleeding)
      Wasn't doing this to be insulting but you were being insulting complaining about the game, just enjoy it.

    2. Virgins do bleed. Though the description is just "pink tinting the fluids where your connected"

  2. I was unlocking all the sex options for my characters, after awhile I decided to load the last manual save and the option to make someone the headgirl disappeared.

    Going to a new day or reloading doesn't fix this, but buying a slave did, not sure if capturing someone or getting someone to join you works as well.

    1. The option disappears if you get rid of the new slave, The person selected as headgirl will still be headgirl, but the headgirl settings button and slave spreadsheet disappear along with the headgirl option in occupations.

      Though I guess it's supposed to be this way? it's only available when you have slaves that aren't completely loyal to you?

    2. Headgirl requires certain number of slaves to unlock.

  3. So, how do we get mansion upgrade points? I'm absolutely clueless at the moment.

    1. Slaver guild quests and selling tamed slaves earn you upgrade points.