Friday, March 31, 2017

Upcoming 0.3.36 release

I actually planned release it today(0.3.35b for public), but, sadly parts of the Tisha's quest in need of proofread and there's nobody around, so as I don't wanna release my already bad writing with no corrections, I decided to delay it until tomorrow (hopefully). There's also some chance more sidestuff will be added, so please bear with me. Instead I wanna talk a bit about whats going on and what are my next plans.

I'm fairly happy with new sex system and unlocks, although it still requires some fine-tuning, but since most of it already decided, I'll do that in the meantime. Basically, It's time to focus on more content, and that is my plan.

Tisha's quest feels bit small and rushed (although I can always expand any quest from the inside later on), but originally I honestly had very basic ideas about it - you get couple small events - you get her to join. Hopefully what it became will provide better experience than just that. As usual there's couple 'not so nice' options, but it's also probably one of the most vanilla'ish sidequests I've written (actually I only did what.. 3, not counting stuff from older version?).

There's also small addition to that - some quest related slaves joining you will not unlock their sex options or work in brothel until their quest is complete, OR you can force them into it, effectively closing their quest. I feel this is minor, but fairly important addition, as now there's options for me to let you control someone, have sex-themed quest assigned to them and not worry that they already might have fucked every dog around your mansion prior to that. Actually, gameplay and story segregation seems to be one of the most frequent issues I encounter. Now, speaking of content, I plan to start expanding main quest line and two other cities. There's some thoughts regarding exploration/combat so hopefully I'll be able to add some new areas/enemies. In terms of sidequests, I feel like I'll have to introduce something beastkin related and I had an idea regarding alchemy and Gorn for some time (involving regression potion unlock, but amount of potential work made me decide to simply give it away).

Lastly, I want to say, we are nearly at 250 patreons and last month feels like a serious progression to me. I can't thank enough everyone who is interested and supporting(ed) me, as this is really valuable to me and my current living conditions! See you next month!

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  1. In version 0.3.3 got this: SCRIPT ERROR: masochistevent: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'impregnate' in base 'Control ('.
    At: res://files/scripts/ when i choose option "punish sexually"