Monday, January 23, 2017

It's been a tough time recently: combat system was introduced, many game aspects has been changed, more mechanics and visuals has been added and so on. Now, that most thing are in place, it's time to expand what's there. My biggest problem right now is actually how sparse focus group became. Originally strive supposed to be pretty generic man fulfillment - you are a guy surrounded by girls (focus on girls and their features, obviously), and that was it. However due to various pushes I ended up adding female MC and male slaves to the possible options. For those, who would be new here, I just wanna make a disclaimer: I'm not planning to focus on those options, even though they are in the game. If i get submissions related to them, I can use it, otherwise you shouldn't expect major progresses in this area.

Heck, I'm even bothered by stuff like using potions and spells to change your own appearance and female MC pregnancy, because originally MC weren't even a game character. I might change slave tab section a lot, but right now... well, there's lots of work to be completed.

That said, it's finally a time for poll on our next priority direction which I gonna hold at Patreon (shameless self-adv). I finally got some time on my hand to expand sidequests, main story, polish GUI and so on, so yeah, I'll need bit of an input what is considered more important. Regarding main story, I have some ideas I'd like to delve into, mainly developing other cities and getting player more familiar with the world.

Sidequests would certainly involve implementation of Cali's quest which has been postponed since forever and I even feel guilty for letting it drag this long. There's also intro sequence I kinda wish to expand and make more user friendly.

There's certainly lots of work can be done about polishing. It's likely slave tab will be changed with being more clear and having more tabs. Slaves will likely not only get their own portaits, but whole images. There's really lots of work which could be done here to make player's life better.

Anyway, I'd be really happy to see your supports and votes at patreon, there's still tons of stuff to do to make game better and deeper. See you soon!


  1. I'm not a Patron and so don't really have a say, but... generally speaking, games live and die on content (story, whether main or side). Interface, polish, that's nice, but a beautifully polished empty shell is still an empty shell, whereas if the story is interesting, people will walk barefoot over broken glass to get at it.

  2. I would love to help with input in any way possible, but sorry also not able to support, least not at the moment, at least one thing I noticed, you can capture humanoids that are more than average in appearance, but you, yourself as far as I can see are only average, unless, some transformations are put into the game, maybe even the MC transforming, thru infection or something to grow a tail, wings, or whatever, just some thoughts, thanks for your time

    1. You will be able to use potions onto yourself in next versions.

  3. one of my favorite things about this game is you're not afraid to have kids, other games, think a programmer has to cross the pedophile line to involve offspring, and you made having offspring work around that, and show they inherited something from their parents and they'll eventually be part of the ongoing game later

  4. Awesome idea deciding to allow not only for the PLAYER to fight, but for his teammates to join him in battles. I always hated how the player would just sit back and watch a slave fight without doing anything at all, like a coward.

    But now you can get a group of guys and go capturing. It's fantastic.

  5. Honestly the MC becoming a character. Has been one of the greatest improvements to the game for me. Being able to actually go out and fight on your own/ not being limited to cowering behind your slaves. The ability to customize the MC is also much appreciated. It really helps with getting invested in playing their role in the story. The biggest incentive I've found so far in game for the improved laboratory was applying its effects to the MC. Slaves are a dime a dozen and if you check the markets often enough the RNG will eventually give you a slave that's similar/ close enough to what you want. Tweaking and improving the MC in comparison feels more rewarding/ significant cause unlike a slave you're not gonna be selling of or eventually replacing the character.

  6. I agree that it's nice having the MC as a character, although it's annoying that you can train your slaves but you can't train yourself except with combat and main quest.

    As for male slaves or female MC, I don't care about that. I also don't care about futanari and furry content (I always remove it).

    I think that what I would like to see the most is more of the main quest, and also some kind of challenge to capture higher quality slaves.

  7. Hey, would you mind posting the results of the poll in a new blog post when it's finished? It would be nice to see what all of the choices were and how close the results were. I'd love to support you, and I still may in the future, but at the moment I don't have the means. Keep up the great work!

  8. One thing that I would like to see is something to raise stat caps while in play, and perhaps a way to improve basics for girls such as appearance (Not traits, but raising it from Average to something better). At the moment skill points essentially can become superfluous due to the limited things that they can be spent on