Wednesday, March 23, 2016

First release

This is a text game about you, who decides to dabble magics and inherit a lone mansion all by himself. You will have to populate it by capturing girls and make them work for you. For that you have a portal room allowing you to travel to far places and explore them for potential rewards. 

So after about 3 weeks since I started, I managed to get here. This version is far from what I aim at but it has some play-ability.
Whats in it so far? 
- Basic slave/prisoner management and interactions
- 1 main quest for mage guild
- Slaver guild to buy/sell already tamed girls
- Laboratory and items for nearly full alteration with no consequences
- 1 small area to travel where you can capture girls
- Basic spell system!gB8EQJhR!mXPQtMHuknrunpItGtbWIDYvnmsBydFzNSbrw1GZ2iE
I'll try to assemble some sort of check list on what I'm planning to implement. Also all feedback is welcome.
Please, keep in mind that I'm not a native english speaker and this hasn't been proofread at any point. In fact I do need proofreaders or maybe even writers/russian-english translators. 

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