Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feature list

So this is to summarize what I have in mind and what can still be suggested.

In there in some way:
- Prison/discipline/servants management. I'm relatively happy with system right now, although some adjustments will be needed.

- Random girl generation, features tied to races, traits, stats and so on.

- Day cycling making time progress, executing jobs, counting income etc.

- Spells to learn. There's few but I want to keep them intuitive and sandboxy to be used whenever you feel like.

- Different areas. Currently there's not much to talk about, besides Town and one location, but its easy to add more.


- More flavor text. Basically I want even minor item/spell uses to be followed with fluff text. For a text game, naturally this is the centerpiece, so work probably will never stop on it.

- Combat system. I want something, what can be achieved with just text, yet be exciting. Maybe group combat with recruiting your servants. Unless I think of something genius, this stays as low priority.

- Progression in gameplay sense. Basically, main quest and new areas will be unlocked and better girls will require harder approach and so on. I will most likely allow sandbox mode where everything is unlocked so you can just fool around.

- Crafting system. Well, comes somewhat natural that mage will brew his own special concoctions for his needs.

- Starting options. Certain options so you get to unlock a spell, equipment or girl.

- Pregnancy and consequences.

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