Saturday, April 15, 2017

User made portrait pack

FruitSmoothie at the ulmf forums assembled pretty great image pack you can use for your characters. I'll be fixing input issues and adding better usability to portrait section in next patch as well.


  1. When I followed that link, I realized that there's already sort-of a guide with tips there, by the same FruitSmoothie. Well, that saves me the trouble of typing down my own... So I'll just post here some corrections and additions that should go well with what's already in that thread.

    Point 8 of that tips collection has details on the clothes. Ninja suit improves confidence, but only up to 50 or so. After that it doesn't help. Kimono improves Charm. Miko outfit seems to reduce lust (but this needs confirmation). Pet Suit and No Underwear increase stress... But not always. Looks like girls with high Lewdness don't suffer from them.

    Addition to the Money-Making part of that guide. Some quests are actually quite profitable, if you have the right slaves. The list of available quests and slaves resets every time you close and restart the game, so it's actually possible to earn 10k gold in the first in-game week. But it would be much more boring than actually playing the game.

    The most profitable quest is the one that requires a Shortstack that isn't of slave origins. This works for Goblins, which can often be found in Gorn, and for Gnomes and Fairies. Since there are no other requirements, it's possible to complete this quest on the same day, if there is a suitable slave for sale.

    Second best is the one with the guy looking for a new wife. Blond hair color is common among Humans (Wimborn market) and Orcs (Gorn market), and one level of Service is both cheap and quick to learn.

    Third best quest is the one where a traveller is requesting a companion. This one requires two levels of Survival, so you'll have to look for the slaves that already have one level learned. Or you could bring them with you into combat until they learn one additional skillpoint, but sending them off for training after that both costs more, and takes two days longer. An additional requirement for that quest is 40 Courage, so you might need the Mind Read spell to make sure that slave you want to buy has enough of it. I recommend 37 or so, because one or two combat encounters would be enough to bring that number up to 40.

    And fourth place goes to the rich kid looking for a new toy. The only requirement is breast size (average or more, so kid has good taste), but often the race is something very rare. Or the kid asks for Halfkin Cat, which you saw on the market just one turn earlier, and then the next five turns you get nothing but Halfkin Wolves. But when the request is for Human, Elf, Orc, or something else common, it could be just as profitable as the Shortstack quest.

    One more tip about quests. Most of them demand Obedience of 90 or more, so freshly-caught slaves won't work. I haven't tried Medium-difficulty quests, so if someone did, and found them easy to do, comments are welcome.

  2. I guess I have a couple comments. I like the game quite a bit as is, but:

    -Images and their packs are complicated to sort through, and I have no idea how to use that "filter by race" function. As it stands, it looks like the only ways to get images into the game are to manually tell it to load each image manually, or to just slop all your pictures, unsorted, into the images folder.

    -The fetish and advanced fetish sections are pretty tame, to be honest. I was expecting BDSM, distension enemas and beyond, not tailjobs and tail pegging- those aren't really all that weird anyway, considering they're just different ways of doing some pretty vanilla things.

    -The game needs more clothes.

    -Maybe needs more offensive magic? Something to make combat as a mage worth it.

    1. Regarding images you should probably address the person who made the pack, not me. I can only give more support from game's side.

      The sex actions are to be expanded I suppose, but you can kind of get bdsm from punishment room section, and the rest is something I'd only be adding after giving player control over what kind of content they want to see. Maybe I should move some of punishment room stuff into there though, but I'm not very enthusiastic about working on the rest. Future versions will be easily moddable from user side though.

    2. Ey, Fruitsmoothie here (Creator of the image pack/compilation). There reason I named things the way I did was because the game lacked the ability to preview images before you chose them, so I figured at the very least you could open up the folder for the race you want, and pick an image based on the hair/eye color descriptions. Like you find a harpy in game with blonde hair and blue eyes, go into the harpy folder, and upload all the blonde hair, blue eyed harpies into the game, then choose the one you want (Or just check the folder itself to find an image you like).

      Currently I feel like the game doesn't have a great way of dealing with such a large amount of images/options. The dev probably wasn't prepared for somebody to go crazy with portraits like I did, not that I blame him, lol. If you can think of a better way for me to title/describe things than the system I used, I may be able to alter the filenames. Basically the naming system I used doesn't allow use of the "sort by race" option because I felt with as many options as there are, it would be worse. It doesn't offer hair/eye descriptions like my system does, so you'd just end up having to upload/open all the portraits anyways (And over 500 in game started lagging my game heavily whenever I opened the portrait window).

      Only way I can currently see to make this easier for players would be to allow previews of the image in game before you open them and place them in your "image roster", but I think the dev said that might not be easy or possible to do, so we're kinda stuck as is. I recommend just leaving the portraits folder open and choosing an image from there first, then finding it in game/opening it (Or dropping it directly into the game files). Might not be entirely convenient but it doesn't take too long and could be worse.

    3. At the 0.3.40 version there will be only one image load (with manual refresh) so it won't lag every time you will be opening that window

    4. Oh neat, that means we should be able to go back to mass loading all the images at once into the portrait roster window? That'd make things much better. If it works well, I could remove the race folders from my upload to make mass dumping the images into the game files easier. That or start using the default naming system if people want so sort by race works. I'd probably just use the search window myself, but might be helpful for people who aren't familiar with the folder names.

  3. How can i appoint a headgirl (if it is implemented yet)?
    Also, can someone describe Tisha's quest? Do i need to let Emily go or i can keep them both and still get quest?

    1. You can appoint headgirl from slave tab occupation selection after you have 8+ slaves.
      For Tisha's quest you need to let Emily go, then return to you.