Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Art poll results and future plans?

So, supposedly most people, who were interested in voting should've voted by this moment, thank you everyone who participated. I kinda expected more votes, but what I got should be enough to measure what majority is thinking.

Quality and style: Most people apparently satisfied with both, although there's bit of extra weight wishing for grimmer style (which we might reflect in future), so that is nice to know.
Direction: Surprisingly, overwhelming majority wished more story character sprites first, with gui and sex scenes following next. Right now the plan is to actually get couple of backgrounds which I can use for promo screenshots, then we'll be covering missing gui and characters.

Characters: I'm pleased to see, that nearly all of them took at least some interest from audience, with Cali and Emily being the most  demanded (in both sections). The thing is that they both don't quite have sufficient scenes, but I already have couple ideas in my mind at least regarding Cali, which might come up in next version.

Scenes: Both consensual and rape by player are most requested (which is not really a surprise, and when I think about it, I could've probably omitted those options to get better idea of fetishes).  Rest of the preferences starts with transformation and gangbang and curves from there.

Races: Demons, beastkin, elves and seraphs taking highest votes (with demons being somewhat above the others), with other races getting less attention. I'm not entirely sure what I gonna do with seraphs, but you can expect to find the other three some time soon. There's also some monster girl demand which I'm not entirely sure how I gonna satisfy it yet, but we'll see.

General plan

I already have some general plan regarding main story development. I will try to keep whole story not too stretched (I don't feel like there's big point in it, given how much freedom you gonna have with sidequests, exploration and stuff), so quests will likely be fairly simplistic but with lots of branches. My plan is to separate main plot by chapters (with present tutorial-like thing being chapter 1) and introduce them somewhat linearly. With next chapters introducing and developing more characters and places. So, your question probably is "What will be next then?".


  1. Well, i miss the footjob from fetish, but the rest the game is really good, keep the good work.

    1. Huh.. I haven't realized that was gone, will see what caused it.