Friday, December 16, 2016

Semi-annually help seeking post.

For those who are not familiar enough with me: I suck at writing (in english). Even though about 80% of scenes and quests you've seen in old and new strive are done by me, I find writing both painful and poor in the end, hence why I tried to seek help with varying(low) degree of success.

This is another post, but now I gonna try to correct my old mistakes and provide as much information about whole thing as possible. Firstly, some important FAQ

Q. I really like your game and I wanna help with something I can proofread and probably write!!
A. I'm pleased to know you liked it, but if your obsession will be over in less than a few days, you'd just be wasting time. I'm not confident with either your or my skills to give you some random work and expect results of decent quality. If you want to write, you better pick parts you personally want to fill (be it sex, descriptions, quests or whatever). There's really not much to proofread as there's no contributions and my personal writing is about 1-2 pages per month of mostly technical stuff, but it might come in handy later if there's more contributors. Hit me up if you are some sort of professional russian-english translator though.

Q. I can draw/game could use some random art
A. Unless you are willing to provide over 80% illustrations of decent quality level, I would rather not accept your help. As I mentioned multiple times, I prefer no art over bad/inconsistent art and I also have some vague plans to fill these gaps eventually.

Now lets speak details and technicalities.

Sex related writing

There's 2 major areas which you should know difference. For quest writing, you either rewrite what currently there or include your own questlines with said scenes. Most important note to keep is that there's at least 2 genders with various bodyparts so you'd probably have to include two variations or make it as unisex as possible.

Generic scenes are way more tedious and I'll try to go into as many details here as possible. Firstly, keep in mind that both player and slave can be of either sex and one or both genitalia. I'll likely put list of scenes currently in the game with some notes on them later on, but for quick reference you are probably better at looking through the game.
There's consensual scenes, non-consensual scenes and prison non-consensual scenes. Plus, non-consensual scenes can be liked or disliked. The one thing they have in common is that they should be generic, as player gets to see them multiple times. They also shouldn't be very lengthy, as there's already lots of fetishized actions each could use some fluff in it. Plus many actions will lead to further sex offer.

For pronouns and some other character related texts you should address this sheet:
$name - returns character's name or nickname (if exists)
$surname - returns character's surname
$penis - returns either strap-on, or $his cock (if exists)
$child - returns boy or girl depending on gender
$sex - returns male, female or futa
$He, $he $His $his $him - returns He or She etc
$son - returns son or daughter depending on gender
$sibling - returns brother or sister
$sir - returns Sir or Ma'am
$race - returns race (lowercase)

For player character $He etc changes to you/your (if need to apply scene to player character for some reason) and $master returns Master or Mistress.

I can easily fit more stuff so if you have some suggestions, let me know.

Sex unrelated writing. 

There's a lot of place which could use better work: locations, item descriptions, spell descriptions, enemies, quests...
As descriptions generally are self-explanatory, I still very likely will try to adapt it to have more flavor/depth/something special about it, except for location descriptions.
For quests you should be prepared to compose quest entirely on your own with some guidelines on what goes where on what action. But before you decide to make something, let me know some basics please so I can tell you if it's going to fit into the game or not. Also expect lots of revisions since I'm very meticulous.


By sending me material you acknowledge and allow me to use your work for Strive game in any way I want.

If you are still interested, you can contact me here or at


  1. So basically 4 sets per race for sex scenes, 2 for each gender, one consensual one non consensual. Any thing else need to know?

    1. Its more complex than that honestly. Many races can use same scene (humans,elves,orcs etc), while some certainly cant (monster races). Plus there's always optimal bodyparts but you can use statements like
      If boobs big or higher: show A, else: show B

      In any way I suggest you to show me some stuff before you decide to do everything in one go.

    2. And yeah, remember that there's no 'complete scenes' but scenes are based on the action you pick.

    3. I dink around later try try drum something up for one monster girl as a demo. That way I can see if I got what it takes. I got 9 day vacation coming starting Christmas eve so if I can do anything of quality would give something to do as holidays cleaned me out financially lol

    4. Oh and what do you mean by no completed scenes? I know there is dozens of options, like if I did this and met your likely talking about what like 10 or more actions for a monster girl lol. Like vaginal, anal, oral, finger etc.

      Also you looking for keep it simple? I know another one I thought about trying to submit writing for has rules simple over elegant because many of their players English is a second language so would rather not have you paint a picture with fancy words, but it keep vague yet exciting so those players don't need a dictionary on hand to understand the scene lol

    5. I mean that exactly, since scenes last only for 1 action chosen by player (maybe followed by something additional like kissing a bit). Long scene, even on vaginal, probably wouldn't quite work.

      I don't believe in keeping things too simple, but as I mentioned before, they should feel generic enough (as in not being very unique).

  2. I'm busy writing several things atm, I can do item and location descriptions for you but nothing too intensive. How do you want me to send you my samples?

    1. by email from post would be nice

    2. Here's two items I did in the past. This is the quality you can expect.

      Decker AK

      This weapon resembles an AK47 in appearance, but looking deeper into the weapon as it is taken apart will reveal that it is a totally different weapon. Keeping the black and brown paint job to appear as an AK 47, this rifle was modified for accurate burst-fire and many of the internal components were retooled for greater firing accuracy.

      Almost universally accepted as the best general-use rifle around, this rare weapon is used by the best of mercenary leaders and assassins who don't want to advertise their success

      Jeck-Elite Syringe

      A strange swirl of yellow liquid inside a small pharmaceutical syringe, rumored to be used by the elite military units of the Jeck. Not publicly available nor publicly known how it works, this little item can heal most combat injuries in minutes; including slashed organs and broken bones. This item does not appear in the hands of anyone outside of the fanatical Jeck-Elites, so questions will be raised to civilians in possession of one.

  3. So what kind of images are you wanting to add to the game, I'd like to help with that but I want to get an idea of what sort of stuff I'll need to draw.

    1. Just realized I didn't actually replied...

      In descending order of importance:
      UI - (hopefully will be taken care of soon enough)
      Backgrounds - towns, shops, exploration areas etc, fitting with overall style
      NPCs sprites - merchants, quest characters and similar. I'm mostly willing to accept those since they shouldn't influence other parts of the game too much.
      Characters/scenes - don't really wanna get into this territory yet, since it will be really prevalent on the whole experience and will require quite some additional work from me too.

    2. So backgrounds and NPCs sprites(?) are really what you are looking for at the moment? I'll work on some BGs then, what style are you going for? I get a fantasy from the variety of races available, but is there anything else? NPC, in the game there's really only a couple of npcs that fleshed out i.e. they actually have names (Melissa and Sebastian) I can draw them as a trial since I don't have much to go on for anyone else.

    3. BGs would be really great, especially of town/mansion kind. It's kind of more 'dark' fantasy and tend to sway to the realistic side. You can try use current backgrounds as a reference for what is needed.

    4. "dark fantasy" is kinda subjective.
      best option to provide pictures (form google for exmaple) to point in general direction.

  4. I could definitely do some of the non-sexy writing for you. I'm OK at writing characters, but generally best with descriptions. If you want some samples, give me something to write about and I'll see what I can come up with. Or I could just make something up and send it to you, but I feel like it'd be better to work on something you want.

    1. You could just expand/rewrite current area descriptions (frostford, gorn, exploration parts etc). Or existing items/spells and their effects

    2. OK, I'll have a bash at that. I assume you'd like me to send via email once I have something done?

  5. Hey! Haven't played your game in some time. It was quite empty but decided to let myself drop 'round here.

    I would like to help you writing, and even coding if you'd have me. I'm currently unemployed and working on a state exam, so I have some time on my hands.

    I know C, C++, C#, VB.NET and a rudimentary understanding of Python. I've been meaning to write a game similar to this one myself in Unity, but I'm not much of a designer.

    I am a Spanish native speaker (from Spain, not South America) and have the Cambrifde C2 level in English.
    I've been writing for a long time in both English and Spanish. From 2012 to 2013 I wrote some blogs about my characters in Skyrim and Fallout 3; have a look:

    I've gotten much better since then (Actually wrote a book in Spanish that's pending to be published), but never pushed anything to the public. If you want to test me, just tell me what to write :)

    In any case... *leaves to play*

    1. Quick and dirty example (I'd need a $genitalia variable):

      You are sitting on your study, going through complicated magical glyphs. Besides you, kneeling, $name waits your command.

      After a while, you reach a point wher your mind does not want anything to do with magic for a while; you need a breather, and that's what your slaves are for. You crook a finger to $name as you part your legs slightly to let $him kneel between them. $He knows what that means quite well and crawls between your legs; with $his hands $he opens your flier and pulls your pants low enough to let your $genitalia.

      $He gets to work immediately, licking and sucking you, $his head moving up and down between your legs as $he gives you oral.

      Your mind stars to clear, $his moans between your legs pushing the clouds of your mind as $he pulls you out of your stupor in $his servitude.

      Clear-headed, now, you grab $his head and shove your pelvis forwards, surprising $him. A distressed moan dies between your legs. As you get closer to climax, you use more strength to pin $him down.

      Finally, you release and push $him away, discarded and used. $he meekly crawls to the place $he occupied before, waiting for your next command as you go back to your glyphs.

  6. Soo i can send stuff to help ? Damn i would love to see the slave raping scene better. Also got a few ideas.