Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I'm currently having minor hardships so progress regularity is not on the level I'd actually be happy with, but nonetheless, with release of 43a I want to give couple of thoughts.

 Next public release date: 8th July.

 Next patron release date: more likely, next week, but if miracle happens, I will push next version on the weekend.

 Next release focus: I'll be polishing more stuff and I wanna add better way to monitor your roster (new slave list with some additional functionality, like selection occupation). I also wanna finally do another minor sidequest I originally planned for previous release but main plot related stuff and dungeon took too much time. I'll also hold a vote on next focus and see if people want more main quest done or side quest stuff, since pretty huge part of main quest has been done recently (gorn and amberguard), we might take a small break for some more flavor.

 With that, see you soon.

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